Products Features:

1.All our products are eco-friendly and madeof very durable imported special polyurethane raw material combined with  advanced  technology.

2. Mothproof,damp proof, mould proof, easyto clean, fastness, non-ageing, as new as ever.

3. Not easy to deformation, not crack, notshed, durable.

4. Light weight, easy to transport, not easy to break, low rate ofwastage.

5. Flexible, special-shaped processingto  decorate ceiling

6. Easy to Install, can be sawed, planed,nailed and glued, save a lot of construction time.

7. Fireproof, National fire protection  center with B2 standards, can’t  spontaneous  combustion, can’t combustion-supporting.

8. Easy to paint, could painted with water  paint and oil paint.

9. Three-dimensional floral pattern ,Clear outline ,Color Optional .

10. New building material, long lifetime , high quality, environmentalprotection



House  decoration, Euro style villa, guesthouse, restaurant, shopfront, American Sharon, night club, club, dance  amusement hall, hotel, DISCO bar, church,temple, company store, office, convention center, market and all indoorand  outfield institute.

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